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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Creating Purchase Anxiety Through Zombie Marketing (Alpha Code)

From: Josh Peak The Protégé of Joe Schroeder
To: MLM and Network Marketers

I just want you to read some of the HIDDEN ORDER from Joe Schroeder in this e-mail I received from him, PROFOUND, and great stuff from one of the GREATEST thinking minds in the business…the Great Joe Schroeder
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Seduction isn't a naughty word. If you check with Webster's it simply means to bring someone over into your state of mind.
Webster's uses words like (to beguile) or to (induce).
A few days ago we spoke about the TRICK of 3-way calling, why they bring the manager over when you buy a car and how I was going to TEACH you the concept behind
Guys, look.
What I am teaching you here is how to LEAD.
This is about owning the turf, being a HUNTER instead of being a little baby lamb and how to out-fox, out communicateand how to OWN the STATE of MIND your prospects are in.
I live in the real world. Not the M.L.M world. The real world.
And it's me against the 10,000 people each month I am TRYING to coax into trading their money with me.
That's what Microsoft does. Apple and McDonalds.
This isn't about TRICKING anyone or convincing anyone of anything.
That's SELLING and I hate to sell.
This is about marketing into people's DNA and attracting their compliance gene.
It's scientific, proven and FORMULA selling step 1, step 2 and step 3.
Alright, so what is PURCHASE ANXIETY and how have people in the inducement business (hard core salesmen) used this ON you?
Simple. Not hard. Almost obvious once you know how this works.
You will NEVER feel GOOD again when someone TRIES to use this on you. In fact, now that I am letting you inside the game, you probably will be so repulsed you WONT use this onothers either. Why? Because its shoddy selling.

Here's the secret.
YOU were taught as a small fry to show immediate RESPECTto STRANGERS.
You were also taught to be quiet and to LISTEN to someone in authority. Basically, to roll over and play dumb.
And this is what happens TO YOU when you spend a few hoursbuying a car and you REJECT the car salesmen's offer.
What happens NEXT is that the car salesmen brings over a STRANGER and says, "this is the Manager Carl."
Now all of a sudden the manager who is obviously in a high authority position, TRIES to immediately close you and get you to agree and lay down for him. To BUY.
The REASON that works is because people have a HARD TIME saying NO and resisting a STRANGER who is in charge.
True or False? This is why you LAUGH, smile and agree with them.
Why? BECAUSE you were taught as a child to basically
>>> FOLLOW the LEADER <<<>Josh Peak I have TIM on the phone with me."
And your potential sponsor continues, "Tim is F/T in XYZ program and makes $17,000 per month."
DID you notice YOUR reaction?
You became quiet.
You listened to TIM.
You also began to follow Tim.
You also started to comply.
Because you assumed Tim knew more about theProgram than you.
You also assumed TIM is a bigger earner than you.
So you started to comply. To listen.
You even laughed WITH Tim at his lousy jokes.
Because you wanted the GROUP to like you.
Because you wanted the GROUP to include you.
Come hither little Zombie, comply with me you fool.
See what I mean? STUPID little things like TIMbeing added and used on a 3-way M.L.M call TRIGGERSpeople's compliance gene.
It's primal. It's in your genetic code.
Now all of a sudden you are virtually READY to joinor at least take a hard second look at the program simply because TIM the man in authority came in and told youit was safe.
Admit it. This happens ALL the time and it works!
=================Here's WHY it Works=================
It's uncomfortable and also not easy for a STRANGER to come over and try to so called "HELP" you and then you have to TELL them no.
That's why car dealerships use the MANAGER 3-way trick.
That's why in M.L.M people trying to CONVINCE you to follow them will bring you to a LIVE conference call laced with a bunch of ALPHA types (men and women) telling you it's safe.
YOU are BEING worked.
That simple. It's called working the mark.
Does this make the people involved with the 3-way call or the car salesmen a jerk. Not at all.
They're simply trying to survive, do a days work and they know how to create purchase anxiety in people which makes people look for relief, in the form of a decision to agree.
Which is a decision to PURCHASE.
No wonder 3-way calls work.
No wonder car dealerships use a STRANGER dressedas the manager to convince and to close the sale.
No wonder.
We were taught as little kids to lay down and listen to people in uniforms, people in an authority positionand to be good little kiddies and to be quiet.
It's primal conditioning.
We were also taught that it's SAFER and we'd live longerif we did.
It's called follow the leader.
It's hard to resist a stranger who is being nice who is asking you to listen and to follow them.
Why? Because our Mothers taught us to be polite.
However if you think about it, THAT rule needed to change as we became adults.
You aren't a kid anymore and it's okay to say to the Manager or to the GURU on the 3-way call, "pipe downblow hard, if what you have to sell is truly worth buying, I don't need to be convinced to buy it."
That'll rattle a few cages.
Easy stuff. Not hard.
Once you learn it.
Gotta go.
Your friend,
Joe Schroeder
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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Insidious Lies Told on The Internet by Joe Schroeder

This is one of the classical Joe Schroeder e-mails. You know this should hit at the heart of Network Marketing or the MLM industry. It’s amazing what uplines, so-called “GURU’s”, and other mis-educated people are telling their downlines. Read below what Josh Peak and Joe Schroeder are teaching their students:
** Insidious LIES people on the Internet Tell **
Learn the LAZY way to earn an extra $50,000annually becoming a Marketing Genius.
This eCourse Sponsored by: Josh Peak**** 918-637-2459
Your Marketing Genius Training Symposium
Delivery Day #6
Copyrights 2006 Schroeder Publishingand the Labor Plant, LLC.
Written by Joe SchroederAuthor of “Chaos to Cash” and “Speed Enrollers”and founder of starlink at MyWavePage
You know what is MORE damaging than an out right lie?
************ Some who tell you only a half-truth ******
People waste $5,000 to $50,000 in our business throwingdarts up against the wall. They fall all over themselvesand their families savings, in vein, following a SYSTEMthat someone lied to them about and was only a
Case in point. You join an opportunity. It’s not MLM and itdoesn’t pay you residually.
Maybe it’s $500 or $1,500 to join and you get to earn HUGEretail money. Maybe it’s a 1-Up or a 2-Up.
Sell the darn thing for $597 and earn $500.
Or, sell another deal for $1,500 and earn $1,000.
Wow. BIG money. Your sponsor is earning $18,000 per month.
And your “team” (funny how we assume the team is our new family!)
And the NEW TEAM around you bashes Network Marketing.
All of a sudden what was ONCE your bastion of hope now sucks.
They REMIND you of your past failure in MLM and that theNEW WAY to WEALTH is by selling large ticket premium programsin the neighborhood of $500 to $2,000.
Essentially that is now what the WOLVES are now teaching.
That MLM all of sudden sucks.
You are now brainwashed (again) into a half-truth.
They tell you that MLM is (dead), doesn’t work and that theNEW MONEY is one time NO downline sales of 1-Up and 2-Up programs.
The HALF-TRUTH is correct. The new money is increating large dollops of cash up-front.
That half-truth is correct.
YOUR days are numbered if you don’t start to teach yournew batch of starry eyed Lambs to G.ET PAID ALREADY.
Yes, the new money IS in the FUNDED PRPOSAL.
Retail to recruit.
Get paid now and downline the little Darlings later on.
PAY YOURSELF NOW so you can be HERE in 24 months.
True. But only half or 50% at best.
=======================================HERE is THE TRUTH and all 100% of the TRUTH=======================================
Please don’t shoot me, I am only the messenger.
NOT the message.
The TRUTH is and possibly MORE truth than you want right now.
Like that matters to me. Go ahead, opt out.
Like I care. I was put here to TELL IT LIKE IT IS.
Not to make FRIENDS.
I am in business. Not the CULT (or church) of Internet Riches.
LEADERS will tell you what you need to hear.
The WOLVES tell their little Lambs what they WANT to hear.
Not this Indian. Not me. Not Joe Schroeder.
============== TRUTH SERUM =================
Until Oprah Winfrey, TRUMP, banks and all major corporationsstop trying to lace and thread their RETAIL customers on somesort of monthly debit auto-ship.
UNTIL Citi-Bank, Verizon and Trump stop using the monthlyAuto-ship business model UNTIL then anyone who tells youMONTHLY auto-ship pay per month MLM is stupid is a M-O-R-O-N!
Listen up Wisenheimer.
JOE SCHROEDER never needed to be rich.
Joe Schroeder doesn’t need to be RIGHT.
I only wanted to be F/T and turn in my employee noose.THAT security BADGE they make you wear AROUND your neck.
What BUSINESS model do you trust MORE?
** Citi-Corp** Verizon** Oprah, Martha and Donald** Sams Club** PRUDENTIAL Insurance** PHIZER drugs** HBO and TNN
or some lame bo-peep MLM company struggling to do$500,000 per month in gross sales.
I am sane. Are you?
I choose to NOTICE how all (not some, but all) largeREAL-WORLD conglomerates use the biz-model ofmonthly debit auto-ship.
MLM (Network Marketing) is Gods gift to the little guy.
MLM allows you to legally earn $2 to $8 bucks per monthon the purchases of 10,000 STRANGERS.
MLM is a paid subscription program, like CITI-BANK.
LIKE DONNY TRUMP who auto-debits his tenants.
LIKE VERIZON phone and all banks.
========================================== The Rich get RICHER Because they BILL you monthly! ========================================= And your UPLINE GURU bashes MLM.
Hark unto me.
I have never seen anything so ludicrous in my life.
Half truth. MLM sucks. Get rich selling a FUNDED PROPOSAL.
100% of the TRUTH.
USE a retail FUNDED PRPOSAL as a way to
The REAL TRUTH looks like this:
** COLLECT new paid retail customers.
** Collect a new base of customers to EARN from monthly.
** USE to create for yourself a LIST you can MLM with monthly.
If your sales funnel NO matter how much CRAZY CASH itfeeds you each month, if your SALES funnel doesn’t ultimatelynudge people onto a PER MONTH paid subscription youwill be OUT of business in under 24 months
Your insurance company bills you on auto-ship monthly.
ALL Network Marketing companies auto-ship and debit your LIST monthly.
PERFECT, that’s marvelous. That’s how to get FILTHY RICH.
Imagine earning $3 to $5 to $10 PER MONTH from 10,000 people.
Verizon and Banks do. Sams Club does. I do.
The RICH get RICHER (quick, point a finger at me!) because the RICHkeep finding NEW people and new ways to CHARGE you MONTHLY.
You buy a car and the finance company like CHRYSLER for instancebills you monthly and charges—-surprise!—interest.
Your car, your insurance, your home and your kids schools.
ALL MLM auto-ship programs.
ALL have different LEVELS of management.
The WORLD is on auto-ship.
Even your lousy SAMS CLUB and COSTCO wholesale membershipis a gosh darn ANNUAL DEBIT fee auto-ship.
Even BLOCKBUSTER and Net-Flix DVD is an auto-ship program.
Even OMAHA STEAKS tries to grab your ass into an auto-ship.
OMAHA steaks tries to get you to go on auto-ship so they canAuto-debit your VISA card EVERY MONTH and send you more steaks.
And then there’s some dirty old man on-line shouting, “MLM Sucks!”
Geez Louise.
I swear I am exhausted.
I need a Gin-n-Tonic.
Make mine a double.
Some of these people are absolutely nuts.
Gotta go and if you have been here for TWO weeks and notPonied up to my $14.95 two CD set shame on you.
All fear. You might get screwed right?
That’s no way to live.
Shame on you. ORDER already. I earned it.
Chaos to Cash is $14.95 (2) CD set.Buy now at
=====================Go Ahead, Splurge A Little!=====================
Or, shoot your RENT MONEY and get my $197 BIG COURSE.That’s my SIX (6) pack and audio CD album.That’s called “Speed Enrollers.” It’s $197 and affiliates earn $100 per sale.
Suck it up. Go for the whole nine yards! The whole $197. HERE (but DON’T tell your wife.)
What’s $197 to you anyway but a mere bag-o-shells.
Meanwhile, I thinks me will go get drunk.
I’m gonna go cry over some cocktails about the Millions ofpeople getting hosed, reamed and slaughtered with the HALF TRUTHSbeing sold to them like so much pabulum.
It sickens me.
Come watch me hurl.
People don’t sicken me. But what happens to themwhen they are sold out and sold DOWN the river does.
GREAT. Another STRAIGHT-LINE downline shell game.
The owners of the SITE earn $34 per 2,000 people on the site feeand the little guy is shot down the river ONCE AGAIN!
==============SITE FEE GLORY==============
The SHARK makes 34 X’s 2,000 = $68,000 THOUSAND per month.
MLM Gimmicks. Can someone please shoot me already.
Can someone SHOW me JUST ONE GUY earning $10,000now RESIDUALLY because he joined some STRAIGHT LINEgimmick three years ago?
I didn’t think so.
I can’t take this anymore.
I don’t know. Maybe I should go place an application at Dominos’ pizza.
Me. Joe Schroeder. Exhausted.
SHARE this WISDOM with anyone you think has the mindand ears to hear some MARKETING GENIUS.
If anyone needs me, DON’T call.
I’ll be at Al’s Bar and Grill dousing my soul with some Gin.
Over and out.
Joe The Schroeder, your BROTHER IN FREEDOM!
SON of a capitalist and one GOOD NEWS MERCHANT! 24 Hr. Joe Schroeder RECORDED Coaching line3 Minutes1-800-772-9781 Ext: 37
My PREDICTION for 2007 and where the new MONEY is
F.R.E.E. eBook (Chapter 7) by Joe Schroeder
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Speed Enrollers is $197 and re-sellers earn $100
Copyrights Joe Schroeder and the Labor Plant 2006.
Questions? Call Josh Peak @ 918-637-2459E. joshpeak@cox.netWondering how all this works?
Look here:
Josh Peak

THEATRE of PROSPERITY e-mail from Joe Schroeder

This e-mail just absolutely touched me from Joe Schroeder, just shows who this guy is…FIRST CLASS BABY!! Josh Peak is proud to be an entrepreneur in the great Red, White, and Blue. Remember, liberals hate free enterprise and capitalism, they love taxes on business, which means less jobs, which means more people needing government support…this is the exact formula for liberals. These people can’t stand people like me, who doesn’t need an employer to keep me afloat. Thank God for free enterprise. You will love this e-mail below from Joe Schroeder.
Monday SEPTEMBER 11, 2006
DO NOT CALL ME, customer service or SUPPORT
From: Joe Schroeder
I choose not to be commerical on 911
I deem that day a day of extreme solemn reflection
I LOSE MY business on that day in 2001
THAT day changed the FACE of this country
I personally will spend 911 in REFLECTION
on the 3,209 lives lost and will subsribe NOT to
anything SALES related or as such, anything commercial.
The mere memory of that “day” and what 911
stands for is too much for me personally to even
Others have said, “oh Joe, that was years ago.”
Some of said, “lets CELEBRATE our freedom on that day.”
Hark unto me. We are free?
WRONG, since 911 the LINE between the RICH and POOR
has gotten even (Smaller).
The Middle class is being W-I-P-E-D away.
Now the middle class has to have 2-3-4-5 INCLOMES
to bear the cost of living as OUR fathers only needed
ONE back from 1945 to 1996
Now the middle class can’t even afford a vacation
without running into 19% FINANCE debt thanks to
Visa and Master-Card
The world is NOT the world I grew up in.
THANK JESUS I had to vision as a youngin to
make my way in this world WITHOUT an employer.
Thank God. This way, I was able to vote myself RICH
and through the RED/WHITE/BLUE make it out alive
and with some cash in my pocket.
AMERICA the beautiful.
Yes, but those who RUN her, all seven men, have not
OUR interest in her.
—Meanwhile, I remain in private anguish
and will not permitt ONE ounce of COMMERCIAL
trade in my house on 911.
NO e-mails
—————I mediate on 911 and pray.
1-641-793-7000 PIN 600088#
9:27 PM EST
Pa Kettle
Josh Peak

Joe Schroeder and Alpha Code

Ok, here is an e-mail I received from Joe Schroeder, it’s very important to you and I in regards to future wealth…you read it for yourself.
For all you $97 Alpha Codesecond guessing, looky loo Joe Schroeder wannabes…
I am SKY HIGH jacking the price of the Alpha Codeto $500 on Monday at midnight(payout is $300 on 2 levels)
To save $400 you now have 53 hours tosecond guess yourself into my Alpha Code Program.
Current owners of the Alpha Code will beAUTOMATICALLY grandfathered in which will includea PAY-JACK (sky high) commission explosionfrom $60 to $300(2 levels)
Who wants to play?
Order on this link:
Save yourself now.I want this product in one million handsand the distribution will be more intenseif the price jacks to $500.
Level 1 $100 commissionLevel 2 $200 commission
YES…complete strangers will be sending you $200 a clip.
So you have 53 hours to second guess yourself some more.
It all changes at midnight Monday. yours,
I’ll see you at the bank,
Josh PeakAKA “The Alpha Male of Joe Schroeder and Zombie Marketing”
Recovering 3%er
Friend to the World
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How To Meet Women USING the ALPHA-CODE of Seduction

This is a phenomenal e-mail I received from Joe Schroeder and his program. Joe Schroeder can just plan WRITE…period.
Thank you for joining our MIND-CONTROL
Forum. You have used your e-mail and we
are so glad you have decided to spread the word.
You are about to learn the Zombie Method.
From Joe Schroeder, Author of
“The Alpha Code”
151 Pages, Copyrights 2006
Hey Josh, me again.

If you are Don Juan, good for you.
If you are lady reading this, you probably detest
guys who pretend or try to be cool. When the frauds
try to be hip, it always comes off lame doesn’t it?
SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES using the Alpha State
Here is a paradigm shift for all of you single men out there.
STOP FOCUSING on WHAT you WANT Women to DO to you.
Yeah, I know, a paradox right? Because if you are a guy, single
and have half a brain between your ears, you can’t help but
speak to women be thinking, “your place or mine?”
And guess what, women can smell that kind of crap on you.
It’s called telegraphing your intent and it HURTS sales!
In a Marketing sense, TRYING is selling where
being authentic is marketing. One is graceful, like Google,
while the other tries to hard to get over on people.
Remember how cool ALTA-VISTA search engine TRIED to be
back in the 90’s? That’s why they vanished.
They KEY then, as Casanova taught, was to GO for her feelings.
Ladies, am I right? Yes, I am.
== Fact #1 ==
Guys who can make women laugh get more ladies phone #’s.
Why? Because guys who can make ladies laugh speak
to a woman on a “gut” and on an intellectual level.
Ever notice how guys who CONNECT with the gals
emotionally get all the girls?
How many times have you heard the little darlings say,
“I like a guy who can make me laugh!”
Zero in on connecting with her. From the neck up!
=== Fact #2 ==
Behaviors that stem from how a women FEELS is what you want.
It’s an effect to the cause. The cause being getting her to feel something
which compels a RELATED behavior such as
** She asks you out
** She nuzzles up to you.
** She telegraphs, “I want to be with you more.”
** She makes herself approachable.
Why? Because you induced a behavioral response.
How? By making her feel something.
=== Fact #3 ==
If you want to SELL more of whatever you are trying to
sell STOP trying so hard to SELL and start creating a feeling.
You Moron.
I bet you thought I was turning into some freak sex doctor or something!
Shame on you Josh!
Get your mind OUT of the gutter!
No, I was simply setting the stage for my little MIND Buddy.
You are my little MIND CONTROL buddy right, Josh?
Here’s how it works.
I call this ZOMBIE MARKETING and it’s a lot like
the pecking order of the gentler sex. Watch this.
America on-line began by what? Not by trying to “close” people.
No more than Casanova ran around and telegraphed his intent.
I SELL emotions. I sell people BACK to themselves.
So does Apple Computers. They give people a sense of power.
A.O.L. gave away a FREE orange trial offer disk
in order to bridge a behavioral RESPONSE.
That gave people back then in 1996 and 1997
a higher internet sense of POWER.
What do I do? How do I sell?
Do I try to hard sell and CLOSE anyone?
Do I walk around with your-place-or-mine in my eyes.
No, I don’t.
Instead, I coax people into trying the Alpha Code book for free.
I put a FREE chapter in their laps.
I give away free 1-800 calls.
I offer everyone free coaching calls.
I CREATE feelings into my future buyers.
That’s what Oprah, Madonna and Bruce do.
They actually connect with people.
Why? It’s because its easier to get people to take a
third step if they first took a few steps already.
That’s because the MIND creates anxiety for itself if
it can’t locate a corresponding ACTION or step it already took.
In psychology, that’s called commitment and consistency.
The BEHAVIOR that the MIND is always looking for is
a correlating step to reflect an action it ALREADY took

This is why people take the SECOND step and buy a warranty
after their first of buying a washer or refrigerator.
The first step begs a second behavioral reflection.
This is why after people JOIN an internet program they
usually go out and buy MORE leads or why they
BUY whatever the GURU is selling.
Why? Because the mind is always looking for a second
correlating action to validate an action it already took.
Step 1, get the agreement.
Casanova knew this so his first step was to get a lady
to agree with him. All comedians get people to agree with
them on each and every chuckle.
And that’s what great comedy is. An agreement.
I tell a joke and we BOTH agree it’s worthy of a bellyache.
Same with marketing. It’s an agreement.
Most people run around with their heads cut off
That’s way too fast. Be a Casanova. Romance your prospects.
Step 2, get the emotions. Connect to people’s feelings.
Love them enough to BACK off and work to
gather their emotions.
Send them a free eBook. Create reciprocity.
Send them a love note in the mail. Yeah, I’m serious.
WORK towards their emotions, not their jugular.
Send your prospects some VALUE and then let them
come back and say, “got any more?”
Only $197. (six) hours of Joe Schroeder audio CDs.

I’ve enrolled and sponsored hundreds and hundreds of
people. Not because I was slick and coming on to folks.

But because I have emotional intelligence and because
I was marketing towards a FEELING, not a dollar.
Deep stuff.
It also works.
ZOMBIE Marketing is about inducing compliance
in other people. Instantly if not at least quickly.
How that is achieved is through a series of
agreements. Think about it. IF you can get a prospect to
AGREE with you, on say three or four TINY agreements,
then doesn’t logic bequeath that their MINDS will
eventually decide to agree with your entire selling proposition?
I NEVER out right CLOSE people.
You know how I feel.
Selling sucks.
That’s a struggle and takes too much sweat equity and gruel.
Who wants to try and make money and rub their hands
together and PRAY that someone buys.
Too hard. Yuk!
In ZOMBIE marketing people close themselves just
like Casanova never MADE anyone go to bed with him.
It’s a conditioning (of your prospect) which leads people to the inevitable.
YES, I agree, I want to JOIN your newsletter.
YES, I agree, I want to retrieve your PDF sample chapter.
YES, I agree, I want to hop onto one of your free coaching calls.
YES, I agree, I want to 30 day trial offer your $14.95 CD set.
Ladies and Gentlemen, what I have just decoded for you is
precisely how I have sold over 100,000 of my little audio buddies.
And built $1,000,000 dollar downlines over and over again.
How? Because..
I never telegraphed my intent.
I never TIME date and “you better GET IT today, by noon today!”
I never HARD closed anyone.
I never needed to. Because like Casanova, I work on a higher level.
A level of reciprocity. What you give away you always get to keep.
Funny thing about giving it all away free.
If you give a person something for free, say a free TEST of a newspaper,
oh I don’t know, maybe a free eBook or maybe a free TEST drive
of a snappy new car, a lot of times, they end of buying it because
they don’t want to give it back.
That’s because, as I said, the MIND actually creates self-anxiety
if the MIND can’t find a similar action to validate something it
already did.
To order my little $14.95 two CD sampler, go here:
If it stinks, you get $20 back. That’s right.
My guarantee for Chaos to Cash is simple.
It has to be the BEST marketing training you
have ever had, or send it back for a $20 refund.
Best of all, it’s only a lousy little $14.95.
Stay tuned Josh, because tomorrow I am going to
discuss with you the POWER and natural order behind the
psychology of around the reflection of SIZE.
Tomorrow you will learn the TRICK and psychological
mind clamp politicians and con-men use.
NOT because I am trying to teach you or anyone else
on how to be a slime bucket and scam and rip people off.
JUST the opposite.
Stop Letting People Trick You
By teaching you the con games of the little twits who
attempt these mind-schemes on you, I want you to
be able to see from a mile away, other people
who are trying to make a fool out of you.
And they are. Every time THEY use the
ZOMBIE principal of SIZE on you.
And my NEXT letter to you will be a doozy, so stay tuned.
The thing about picking up babes is easy.
Stop walking around like a perverted twisted little mess
and thinking about what YOU want from them.
Instead, make it all about what THEY WANT.
(not what you want)
Not what you want and that’s the paradigm shift.
It’s a paradigm shift from YOU to them.
Get over yourself and into other people. That simple.
It’s a paradigm shift from CLOSING people to
opening them up to receive.
From closing to OPENING.
See the reversal?
It’s NOT about GETTING from people.
It’s about GIVING to people.
Not closing. But opening.
YOU enter through their hearts. Not their wallets.
Which worked like-o-charm for HBO cable.
==Cable HBO TV==
They gave 34,000,000 people a FREE weekend sample
and 19,000,000 cried like little fourth grade
little girls and said, “I DON’T want to give it back.”
People DON’T want to part with things they
have been given of which you plopped right in
their laps.
So give it away, tells a few jokes and soon some
Butler guy named Jeeves will appear in a Black TUX
and say to you,
Josh, will you be driving the RED one today, or
should I pull up the tan Rolls instead?
And you’ll reply, “nah, today I’d scooting
off to the islands in my 230 Cessna Jet!”
As it should be!
GREAT wealth is possible. Big WEALTH!
But it hops ahead of selfish types.
Money is something you woo.
You romance it into your life.
You never CREATE money, only God does.
So instead, you invite money into your life.
You set yourself UP to receive.
Here’s the SECRET to WEALTH. The hidden order.
The trick is to [first] put some in OTHER people’s
It’s called leading with value.
It’s called leading with emotions.
It’s about connecting people’s GUT to whatever you sell.
That’s how you get people to surrender to what you sell.
People surrender to whatever you sell IF and ONLY
if BUYING the darn thing is their idea.
I call this ZOMBIE Marketing through the use
of the Alpha Code.
You’ll call it a breakthrough and some will even go
as far as calling this Genius.
I wrote the ALPHA CODE in 2006
All 151 Pgs.
Me? I’ll dial my banker and say, “Buy me another house!”
I call this my next Million-dollar baby.
You will too and probably already have.
How marvelous of you. Fabulous I say, just fabulous!
Oh well, all for now. Until next time!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Oh, and I’ll SEE you tomorrow. (naturally!)
I’ll DECODE the principal of SIZE for you.
Tootles and Cheerio!
As always, on your side.
The Joe of Schroeder
Courtesy of Josh Peak
Josh Peak

Do you want to know?

Do you want to know how I am making $5000.00 weekly? I am using the Joe Schroeder program
Look at it, digest it, and make some money with us.
Josh Peak

Have you ever really read this one from Joe Schroeder

Hi Guys,
Just received this great e-mail from Diane Hochman, models all I teach. I always subscribe myself to my autoresponder campaigns just so I can watch my letters and my system…make sure all is working well.
Every once in a while I find myself reading one of the letters that I have read soooo many times before and it hits me in the GUT.
Here is one of the Marketing Genius letters…
I want you to READ IT.
Really read it.
Are you getting what Joe Schroeder is teaching?
Are you immersed in your CDS and really understanding what we are doing
Read this part I have excerpted:
Step 1: SELL what 100% of the market is buying.
Step 2: Make everyone an ally, not the competition.
Step3: Position yourself as an ADVOCATE.
Step 4: Sell what the M L M world WANTS.
Step 5: Sell a cash flow LEAD CAPTURE system and make cash.
Step 6: Sell leads. EVERYONE actually wants leads.
** To give away to their new sign-ups.
** To use for their POST-CARD mail-outs.
** To use for their auto-responder lists.
Step 7: EARN $1,000 per week and actually PAY YOURSELF.
Step 8: Back-end and “puppy dog” the MLM after you capture customers.
Do you see yourself that way…or are you still freaking out and feeling funny because you think you need to “sell”
Once I let go of the idea that I “needed to sell” and that grasped that I was a “good news merchant” I never felt funny again.
Seriously, do you think that putting people in front of one of the Joe Schroeder reports or one of our phone calls might help a person?
Or are you caught up in the stupidity you have been taught in your “previous MLM life” and worried about what that the total stranger you are
giving a gift to might think of you?
I put people in front of Joe’s reports, articles, teleseminars and audios ALL DAY LONG.
And then they come to ME and ask for help.
That’s all I do.
Be an advocate and put people infront of information that will help them.
So the question becomes…how many people have you become a good news merchant to?
How many people have listened to a 800 # this week because you sent them.
How many people have you give the Cash Flow or Starlink report to?
How many people are soaking in your FREE BOOTCAMP?
You don’t have to say a word to give away all of this.
Here is the full letter from Joe Schroeder. Letter #5 of the Marketing Genius Bootcamp.
Still impacts me after all these years.
Read it 3 times…
It will help you.
See you on Joe’s call,
*= 11 Little Words That Can TRIPLE Your Business ==

You requested this eCourse for yourself by using
your e-mail and we HONOR you.
Learn the LAZY way to earn an extra $50,000
annually becoming a Marketing Genius.
Josh Peak did it, 27 years of age with twin babies and a 21 month old.
Your Marketing Genius Training Symposium
Delivery Day #5
Copyrights 2006 Schroeder Publishing
and the Labor Plant, LLC.
Written by Joe Schroeder
Author of “Chaos to Cash” and “Speed Enrollers”
and founder of STARLINK at
“If you tell people it’s M L M you give them the objection.”
** That’s why your LEADS find you nauseating.
There in front of you are 11 simple little words that
can change your business and TRIPLE it if you are
open to reality.
Erase that. Test that fact.
If you TELL people it’s M L M you give them the objection.
Go ahead. BUY (100) leads, call them and tell them
you do Melaleuca or Amigo Health, ForMor, whatever.
Great. ANOTHER $100 to $200 down the drain.
Tell me Brainiac, how many (give me #’s!) of NEW RECRUITS
has your downline BROUGHT in lately calling COLD leads?
Step1: BUY a 100 leads so you can play COLD calling hound.
Step 2: ASK those 100 REAL-TIME leads to look at your M L M.
REMEMBER, your M L M is “the best!” and everyone wants to
join your BEST IN THE WORLD M L M—-right?
Step 3: Now explain to your spouse WHY you can’t enroll anyone.
Try this on for size.
EVERYONE is already IN a deal.
Everyone you are trying to convince to QUIT their deal
and hop over to yours is ALREADY losing money in a few
deals so when you tell them IT”S M L M you give them the
That’s why I never SOLD people it was M L M.
That’s why I sponsored over 1,000 people.
That’s HOW I built downline after downline.
THIS FORMULA CREATES $5,000 to $15,000 per month
Step 1: SELL what 100% of the market is buying.
Step 2: Make everyone an ally, not the competition.
Step3: Position yourself as an ADVOCATE.
Step 4: Sell what the M L M world WANTS.
Step 5: Sell a cash flow LEAD CAPTURE system and make cash.
Step 6: Sell leads. EVERYONE actually wants leads.
** To give away to their new sign-ups.
** To use for their POST-CARD mail-outs.
** To use for their auto-responder lists.
Step 7: EARN $1,000 per week and actually PAY YOURSELF.
Step 8: Back-end and “puppy dog” the M L M after you capture customers.
Here is a Joe Schroeder BRAIN-MELT answer and secret shroud.
A MYSTERY solved that you can call your EUREKA moment.
Etch this in the part of your BRAIN located by your GENIUS.
Ready? Here it is. You can thank me for this later.
Watch this. READ this NEXT sentence until your heads HURTS.
Drum roll please Danny—————-here is the ANSWER:
Write this down Josh Peak. Go grab a yellow highlighter pen.
“It’s easy to enroll 3-8 NEW people per month if you FIRST
collected 20 to 25 CUSTOMERS.”
MARGARET this guy Joe is a on a roll today!”
Shut up Sam, let the kid speak.
Guys, try to IGNORE this GENIUS fact-of-life.
The BILLION DOLLAR companies such as Mary-Kay, Avon,
Tupper-Ware and oh, like HERBAL-LIFE.
They never taught their little Lambs to ASK people to join anything.
They never taught their Cherubs to SELL applications.
They TAUGHT their distributors to RETAIL stuff at $5 and $10 and $30.
Here’s why:
It’s EASY to sponsor 3-5 NEW people PER MONTH when
10-15-20 people are GIVING you money and they are
That is the Avon secret.
That’s is my secret I STOLE from Tupper-Ware.
That is the ANCIENT time tested M L M formula.
That is how MARY-KAY became a Billion dollar M L M.
Is your M L M company a Billion dollar company?
Does your M L M teach RETAIL (to) RECRUIT?
It’s called a FUNDED-PRPOSAL.
“Hey Fell, Can You Spare a Downline?
The REASON no one says to you “THANK YOU for calling.
What’s your ID# I want to join is BECAUSE if you tell them
It’s M L M you give them the REASON NOT to listen to you.
Tell them your TRYING to get them to join ANOTHER
program and you GLORY ME GIVE the suspect the OBJECTION!
Step 1: RETAIL stuff. Everyone understands retail. (see eBay)
Step 2: PAY yourself daily and weekly. What a concept!
Step 3: FORGET your MLM suicide march.
Step 4: FOCUS on gathering paying CUSTOMERS.
Step 5: SELL hot marketing GENIUS info and leads. Get paid.
Now HIDE your MLM program within the sales funnel of
your CUSTOM SALES GATHERING cycle and let 2-3-4-5
come back to you and cry
Secret of the ages # 301
M L M people DON’T BUY MLM
They buy
** Leads
** MORE systems
** More Leads
Go ask RANDY GAGE if this IS THE FORMULA for MLM riches.
Go ASK RUSSELL Paley WHY he RETAILS books and seminars?
Go ask Robert Blackman or Karl Jacobsen if this IS THE ANSWER.
The GURU earns $15,000 per MONTH BEFORE he ever M L M’s.
** That is the HIDDEN ORDER of the MLM GURU.
She makes RETAIL money and $10,000 per month
BEFORE she ever even mentions her program.
GET paid NOW so you can M L M in 2 years from now.
GET paid NOW so you can BE HERE in 2 years from now.
The GURU earns $4,000 per WEEK charging you for his MLM site
The GURU earns $10,000 per MONTH selling LEADS to his team
The GURU is a RETAIL cash FIRST capitalist.
He doesn’t pray to his M L M.
He never made his SPONSOR his MOMMY.
The SMART Gals and Guys follow business 101 basics.
Pop Quiz: MLM icon and MLM LEGEND Big Al.
Big Al (Tom Schrieter) leads with what?
I wonder why.
Seminars (his) and (his) books and tapes. I wonder why.
Go ahead. Argue with me. Meanwhile of the 100 people
you call who are all STRANGERS don’t give a rip about your

But remember, YOUR MLM program is THE BEST.
That’s WHY everyone wants to JOIN with you.
You silly billy. Wise up.
Go ahead. BUY MORE REAL time leads @ $3 and CHANGE each.
Great business model. Not.
And the FOX said to the little Lambs, “follow me dear Lamb
so I can SHEER you this evening and EAT YOU UP!”
The people EARNING the REDICULOUS money are selling
everything BUT their MLM.
** Site fees.
** Audio CD sets.
** Leads.
** Retreats and seminars.
** Splash pages and lead capture utilities.
++++++++++ SNEAK - ATTACK +++++++++++++
And AFTER they acquire PAID CUSTOMERS they then sneak
in whatever SUBSCRIPTION M L M they are doing.
Step 1:
If you tell people it’s M L M you give them the objection.
Step 2
It’s EASIER to sponsor 3-5-8 new people PER MONTH
if you FIRST collected 20-25 paid BUYERS who bought
something RETAIL from you.
How do you JOIN a gym? Retail.
They FIRST sell you a personal trainer for a week.
Or, they let you SAMPLE the gym for a week at retail.
How do you JOIN Verizon on-line?
Easy. FIRST they RETAIL you a PHONE.
How do you SUBSCRIBE to any newspaper?
FIRST they retail the darn thing to you at the Piggly-Wiggly store.
How do you SUBSCRIBE and JOIN Costco / BJ / SAMS CLUB?
Good gosh this is obvious AFTER you see the HIDDEN ORDER.
First they RETAIL food and ribs and clothes to you.
Retail = cash flow = subscription.
The M L M crowd does it backwards.
No wonder they don’t make any money.
They ACTUALLY walk around and ask strangers
“wanna sign up at $150 per month, hi, my name is Paul.”
If it worked
If THAT M L M Suicide march actually worked you’d be F/T already.
Guys, I am the messenger.
NOT the message.
DON’T shoot me.
I have brought you TRUTH.
I love you all. ENOUGH to call it as it is.
TOMORROW I will expose the HALF-TRUTHS being told.
And it ain’t pretty.
Order my $197 Speed Enrollers SIX-PACK
SIX (6) audio CD album.
Chaos to Cash (2) CD set F-R–E-E
ORDER now here:
Your Marketing BROTHER in FREEDOM!
Joe Schroeder
24 Hr. Joe Schroeder RECORDED Coaching line
3 Minutes
1-888 209-2809 Ext: 7
My PREDICTION for 2007 and where the new MONEY is
FREE eBook (Chapter 7) by Joe Schroeder
LIVE COACHING CALLS Mondays and Wednesdays
9:27 PM EST
641 793-7000
pass code 600088#
Remember…say hi to Diane.
Chaos to Cash is $14.95 and re-sellers earn $10
Speed Enrollers is $197 and re-sellers earn $100
Copyrights Joe Schroeder and the Labor Plant 2006.
Questions? Call Josh Peak
Have you read the cash flow report?

It’s the Brand…Stupid

It’s funny how people in Network Marketing and MLM don’t understand the value in being optimized, or being branded. Most people in MLM and Network Marketing are baffled how Joe Schroeder, Josh Peak, and Diane Hochman make thousands on people who have actually said “NO” to us. See one thing Joe Schroeder has taught me, is that you market to what 100% of the market, hence, selling tools, training, and coaching vs. selling juices, potions, lotions, and garbage that MLM Executives claim is true residual income. All I can say is, learn the art of branding yourself, and not some other person or company. Look at:
Alpha Code:
Speed Enrollers:
Chaos To Cash:
That’s all for the Alpha Male of the Joe Schroeder Starlink Program and Zombie Marketing.
Josh Peak

Awesome E-mail that was sent out by Joe Schroeder to our Group

Subject: Joe Schroeder LIVE TRAINING CALL Symposium of ** STARS**1-641-793-7000 PIN 600088#
Translation? My mega-earners are ON-PARADE
TUESDAY 9:27 EST PM : Mega-Earner JOSH PEAKAugust 29, 20061-641-793-7000 PIN 600088#
** How does my man JOSH PEAK earn $5,000 weekly?** What EXACTLY does this kid age 27 do?** How does he USE the STAR-LINK system?** Why is JOSH PEAK laughing at gas prices and gets to work-at-home** JOSH PEAK is CLASSIC 3%’er. WATCH this kid ROAR!
=========================================WEDNESDAY is the ROUND-TABLE Elite Call=========================================
GUEST SPEAKERS and Master Trainers are
>>> Diane Hochman <<<>> Tim Berger! <<
again, 9:27 PM ESTWednesday August 30th , 2006
** How in gravy does a DUMB blonde make so month money!** Well guess what, NO ONE is laighing now!** Everyone laughed at Diane years back, "dumb blonde."** Well this blonde AINT SO DUMB!
Listen, learn and buy BAND-AIDS (the cracked skull effect)as TIMOTHY BERGER "Mr. Internet Monster" and Ms. Hochmandecode, explain and shuffle their decks for you LIVE.
TUESDAY is the Great JOSH PEAK experience
================================================================WEDNESDAY is the beautiful and MEGA-HITTER Diane Hochman——————- SPECIAL award feature includes TIM BERGER!!!=================================================================
1-641-793-7000 PIN 600088#
TODAYS Joe Schroeder (lesson) is simpleand it is this.
“he who CONTROLS the content CONTROLSthe marketing NERVOUS system of the industry.”
see attached PDF
Gotta Go,
Off to play while my ship Captains run the ship,
ain’t life grand,
Mobey Dick
(aka) the MLM Moron who everyone in town laughed atfrom 1990 to 1996
Joe Schroeder, “salesmen and self-promoter in print”
Joe Schroeder’s $197 Speed EnrollersSIX (6) audio CD package
Joe Schroeder’s Chaos to Cash programTWO (2) audio CD kit with booklet
Joe Schroeder’s SPELLBOUND training program1-2-3 STEP-BY-STEP 52 page training guide + audio CDJoe Schroeder’s ALPHA CODE 151 book, launch 2006Decodes the MINDS of Presidents, Rock-Stars and MLM Lords
The MOST sophisticated and the MOST comprehensiveWEB interface in the industry

Instant Duplication and Instant Leverage

Today it’s on my mind how 99% of all Network Marketers and people in MLM are just completely duped, lied to, in regards in how to build a huge downline. Joe Schroeder understands how to retail first, then build a huge list inside your autoresponder, then put two to five residual income streams inside the sales funnel or through your list. I then at the bottom put one or two high-ticket items that can generate 20 grand plus per month. One thing I have learned from Joe Schroeder the founder of Zombie Marketing and The Quicklink System, is that 3 things will never go out of style, they are Training, Leads, and Coaching. It’s not about having one MLM cash flow stream, it’s about being able to make money five, six, or seven times on the list of people…even if the DO NOT come into your MLM. People in MLM and Network Marketing who shift from $10,000 a month to $50,000 per month do it by adding another stream of income inside their list, not just all of a sudden learning how to recruit. It’s about increasing your customer count, increase the money being taken in, and increasing the time you bill people over and over…Joe Schroeder and Josh Peak teaches this baby. You can learn this and some more about building a list, that people inside the list will join multiple things your in that is residual over and over and over, go to: where you can buy Speed Enrollers. If you want to learn the Hidden Secrets of how to build a list and how to use it, go to: where you can buy the NEW ALPHA CODE. Do you really, really, really ant to know how Josh Peak, Joe Schroeder, Dr. Jeffrey Magee Oprah, Trump, and others use the Sales Funnel? Here it is:

Be looking for another good lesson in the next day or so from the Alpha Male of Joe Schroeder and the Quicklink System, that is I, Josh Peak. Also, learn about Zombie Marketing at

Josh Peak

Mind on the Money, Money on the Mind

Wow, what a day it was yesterday, the Alpha Code Book by Joe Schroeder was flying of the shelf yesterday, the paypal cha-chings were coming in. Folks, this has to be the most excitement the Network Marketing MLM industry has saw in a long time. You really need to get your hands on it.

What I really want to talk about today is a continuation of yesterday’s Sales Funnel entry. If you really want to understand what Joe Schroeder, Josh Peak, Donald Trump, Oprah, Jeff Magee, and other entrepreneurs understand then go to:

I really know you can see the excitement here, and being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, hence Joe Schroeder and Josh Peak…is how true wealth is created.

Will have a great update after 1PM today.

Josh Peak

The Sales Funnel

I was taught the Sales Funnel back in 2001 by Dr. Jeffrey Magee and really didn’t take understanding of it until about 2 months ago when I was introduced to Joe Schroeder who is the king of Zombie Marketing. The Sales Funnel is what you will hear me talk much about, especially because the so called gurus just don’t teach this to their downline is MLM or Network Marketing. The Sales Funnel goes like this, you do an ezine ad, magazine ad, newspaper ad, Google AdWords, or whatever it is to run traffic to a site like The lead will come into the database or autoresponder letters will then be sent out to market in this order:
Chaos to Cash:
Speed Enrollers:
Alpha Code:
List Dragon:
That is my retail money, the above courses. I will the start marketing my middle level residual income businesses, and examples are below:
Robert Blackman’s Lead Program:
Marketing Makeover Generator:
Next will be the big dough, the 1 up and 2 up programs:
PAS: Conferences (My Favorite) http://www.liferiches.netMy friends, this is how the big bucks are made; it’s called multiple residual income streams. I want to Thanks Joe Schroeder and Jeff Magee for showing me this model.That’s all for now from the ALPHA MALE of Zombie Marketing and Joe Schroeder.
Success,Josh Peak

Challenge the Status Quo

Just listened to a phenomenal, intimate straight talk style of call with Joe Schroeder last night. I guess that is a trait that makes Joe Schroeder and Josh Peak so successful and powerful, we just speak the truth, essentially offering straight talk. It’s really about being real, and living a life of evidence, speaking words that align with your heart, and that is what Josh Peak and Joe Schroeder do. It’s about living a life of faith; you see my life gives evidence to what I do. In MLM or Network Marketing it’s really the same thing. Most people teach a bunch of garbage, they teach what only 3 percent of the people can actually do. The rest of the 97 percent leave with a bad taste in their mouth about MLM and Network Marketing. To be successful in this industry, you have to stare down mediocrity, which means you can’t listen to conventional wisdom. At Zombie Marketing we teach this, go ahead and get a free e-course at You will then want to buy Chaos to Cash if you already haven’t at we will show you to go from complete Chaos, which this industry teaches, to CASH!!! You will see here, that we are social outcasts; we don’t think INSIDE the box, we challenge everything that college business professors teach about marketing. People in the box think ENTREPRENEURS and FREE ENTERPRISE is a SCAM, PERIOD!!! They think you must go to college and get a JOB, which is the sure fire way to failure, go buy Speed Enrollers Course at and we’ll teach you what a BROKE college professor would find just mind blowing. It’s about arguing for PROSPERITY instead of against it, Joe Schroeder, you’re a genius my brother, I think GOD to be a protégé of someone REAL!! You see only liberals love bigger government, hate free enterprise, they love tax increases on businesses…in essence they HATE the Red, White, and Blue. The Red, White, and Blue is about FREE ENTERPRISE, BABY!!! My friend, don’t go where the crowd goes. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Remember this advice, GO where you are CELEBRATED, not tolerated. Understand the Hidden Order the ALPHA CODE:
If you want to really understand the ALPHA CODE, the Hidden order, what Zombie Marketing, Joe Schroeder, and Josh Peak teaches then learn it here at My personal vision and passion is Generational Wealth, wealth that is passed down generation from what we built here while we were alive. This is what I teach, live, eat, and breathe. It’s what is all about.
I know I have helped you today. Thanks from the ALPHA MALE of Joe Schroeder and Zombie Marketing. Josh Peak

It’s ALL about Branding

When I was brought into networking marketing or MLM, I was taught to go and recruit everyone under the sun. I was never taught how to target market, and was never taught how to Brand myself instead of the company I was marketing. you see, it’s either your Branding you, or your Branding someone else or another company. I then met a Fortune 100 Consultant in 2001, a very highly sought after businessman named Jeff Magee. He showed me how I was doing it all wrong, he was showing me that I was branding the MLM that I was an independent of. He then proceeded to draw the SALES FUNNEL, if you haven’t saw this model, you need to. People like Joe Schroeder, Oprah, Tracy Biller, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff Magee, and Josh Peak have mastered this concept, e-mail me at and I will send you a demonstration of how it works. This is not being taught in Network Marketing or MLM CORRECTLY, some have made knock-offs, but none has done it like Joe Schroeder. Look at this link to get a really good idea at how it’s done right: your a Network Marketer or in MLM, No one has shown you this concept, and if they say they have it’s some dinky e-book that they say will create you leads, but it’s really NOT a funded proposal…if you want to see how it works go to to get a free e-course in showing you what I am talking about…it’s Zombie Marketing BABY!! Joe Schroeder and Josh Peak are the greatest thinking minds in this industry…period!! It’s all about Branding you my friend, no matter what your upline or MLM company tells you, the truth is it’s about You, Inc. It’s what I am doing with
If your a Network Marketer or in MLM, No one has shown you this concept, and if they say they have it’s some dinky e-book that they say will create you leads, but it’s really NOT a funded proposal…if you want to see how it works go to to get a free e-course in showing you what I am talking about…it’s BABY!! and are the greatest thinking minds in this industry…period!! It’s all about you my friend, no matter what your upline or MLM company tells you, the truth is it’s about You, Inc. It’s what I am doing withRead a book called Brand Warfare by David F. D’Alessandro, as he will teach what I am saying, and that Branding is everything. Read This Book!!
Thanks for listening to the Alpha Male of the Joe Schroeder Program.
Success– Josh Peak

Joe Schroeder Does It Again

The Joe Schroeder call on Monday night August 14th was just an eye opener to many in the MLM industry. I know he has now touched the nerve of many networkers who have been told that they could build their networking company online, or solely online. You know what, I had to agree with most everything he said.
He talked strongly about the percentages, and only your top 3% of people can actually build a home bases business strictly from the internet. Sally homemaker is not versed in Google AdWords, she isn’t versed in writing great ad copy, and she isn’t versed on how to talk with these people once she gets a lead for her MLM Home Based Business. See, there has to be something that can totally duplicate in the network marketing or MLM home based business arena like learning how to build a list, and the having multiple residual income streams within Sally’s sales funnel. It would have to include a system in which she would have access to a leads program: It would also have to have a system in which to use direct response to attract these leads to a list building system like Chaos To Cash or to Speed Enrollers and to give that person resell rights to these courses. These courses attract MLM and Network Marketers, which in turn put people into your database of list. You probably ask, who do you use as your autoresponder to keep this list your talking about ALPHA MALE JOSH PEAK, and I would give you this link: The next thing would to have a lead program: so your people who just bought the Joe Schroeder courses Chaos to Cash: Speed Enrollers: and the Alpha Code: would have their first residual income in their sales funnel. Now, this all started by buying leads, using the three step system that Joe Schroeder has, which they then opt-in to your capture page(s), which triggers the autoresponder letters, then sales them on the courses. This is how the sales funnel works, go read an interesting article
Let’s just say we have turned the MLM and Network Marketing World upside down, the people selling internet based businesses today, will be selling swamp land in Florida tomorrow. We use the internet as a bridge, but not the primary way. This is still a relationship building business, and we are exposing the truth.
Think about some of this profound thinking. Joe Schroeder has allowed me to sing, and what we are developing here is a true dynasty. Also remember, brand yourself, not some company. I will talk more about that in my next entry. Also, if your a reader, and love to upgrade your mind about branding like Josh Peak, Joe Schroeder, Donald Trump, Oprah, and other SuperStars, then read Brand Warfare by David F. D’Alessandro.
This is all for the Alpha Male of Zombie Marketing and the QuickLink System–Success, Josh Peak

Speed Enrollers

I’m writing today about The Quick Link Program, and what it means to be involved in something that actually attracts seasoned network marketers to your business. This system will literally turn whatever MLM program you’re marketing into an Income Jack Hammer. This is all about branding you, and it’s all about becoming the King or Queen of the “LIST”, or in other words having a database of hungry people looking to join your business. Here is the link to Speed Enrollers
If you really want to get deep into what I am saying, go read this masterful piece of work by Joe Schroeder
It has been an honor to picked by Joe Schroeder as the Alpha Male of this system, and remember it’s all about branding the name, whether it’s Josh Peak, Donald Trump, Oprah, or Joe Schroeder. Instead of chasing people, I personally teach people how to be a magnet for to other networkers. My whole vision is to have branded in such a way, that all networkers have to come here. If they don’t they will be doing three things: 1) Calling expensive leads or worse genealogy lists of people whose phone numbers are old. 2) Doing expensive advertising, which the returns you get don’t come close to break even point for what you spent, and the last 3) Doing as I was taught, and that is calling friends, family, and warm markets of people who have no business being in business with you. Your target market in network marketing is network marketers, and best yet having an endless supply of them knocking on your door…go to and find out how to Learn the ZOMBIE genetic code responsible for getting people to roll over and join almost anything and how you can tap in people’s compliance GENE almost at will. Zombie Marketing and The Quick Link System is just something that your upline probably doesn’t want you to know about, as it will show you that the upline more than likely has NO clue as to what they are doing.
P.S. Have you ever read the CashFlow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki? One of the best books I have ever read, and I recommend it. I will clue you in on something very important. If you don’t have a list or database of people in MLM or Network Marketing, then you are not a business owner, you are simply still Self Employed being just an independent of a network marketing company, and here is a link that will help you understand that:
P.S.S. For a free e-course, go to
This is all now for the Alpha Male Josh Peak