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Monday, September 11, 2006

Challenge the Status Quo

Just listened to a phenomenal, intimate straight talk style of call with Joe Schroeder last night. I guess that is a trait that makes Joe Schroeder and Josh Peak so successful and powerful, we just speak the truth, essentially offering straight talk. It’s really about being real, and living a life of evidence, speaking words that align with your heart, and that is what Josh Peak and Joe Schroeder do. It’s about living a life of faith; you see my life gives evidence to what I do. In MLM or Network Marketing it’s really the same thing. Most people teach a bunch of garbage, they teach what only 3 percent of the people can actually do. The rest of the 97 percent leave with a bad taste in their mouth about MLM and Network Marketing. To be successful in this industry, you have to stare down mediocrity, which means you can’t listen to conventional wisdom. At Zombie Marketing we teach this, go ahead and get a free e-course at You will then want to buy Chaos to Cash if you already haven’t at we will show you to go from complete Chaos, which this industry teaches, to CASH!!! You will see here, that we are social outcasts; we don’t think INSIDE the box, we challenge everything that college business professors teach about marketing. People in the box think ENTREPRENEURS and FREE ENTERPRISE is a SCAM, PERIOD!!! They think you must go to college and get a JOB, which is the sure fire way to failure, go buy Speed Enrollers Course at and we’ll teach you what a BROKE college professor would find just mind blowing. It’s about arguing for PROSPERITY instead of against it, Joe Schroeder, you’re a genius my brother, I think GOD to be a protégé of someone REAL!! You see only liberals love bigger government, hate free enterprise, they love tax increases on businesses…in essence they HATE the Red, White, and Blue. The Red, White, and Blue is about FREE ENTERPRISE, BABY!!! My friend, don’t go where the crowd goes. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Remember this advice, GO where you are CELEBRATED, not tolerated. Understand the Hidden Order the ALPHA CODE:
If you want to really understand the ALPHA CODE, the Hidden order, what Zombie Marketing, Joe Schroeder, and Josh Peak teaches then learn it here at My personal vision and passion is Generational Wealth, wealth that is passed down generation from what we built here while we were alive. This is what I teach, live, eat, and breathe. It’s what is all about.
I know I have helped you today. Thanks from the ALPHA MALE of Joe Schroeder and Zombie Marketing. Josh Peak


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