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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Creating Purchase Anxiety Through Zombie Marketing (Alpha Code)

From: Josh Peak The Protégé of Joe Schroeder
To: MLM and Network Marketers

I just want you to read some of the HIDDEN ORDER from Joe Schroeder in this e-mail I received from him, PROFOUND, and great stuff from one of the GREATEST thinking minds in the business…the Great Joe Schroeder
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Seduction isn't a naughty word. If you check with Webster's it simply means to bring someone over into your state of mind.
Webster's uses words like (to beguile) or to (induce).
A few days ago we spoke about the TRICK of 3-way calling, why they bring the manager over when you buy a car and how I was going to TEACH you the concept behind
Guys, look.
What I am teaching you here is how to LEAD.
This is about owning the turf, being a HUNTER instead of being a little baby lamb and how to out-fox, out communicateand how to OWN the STATE of MIND your prospects are in.
I live in the real world. Not the M.L.M world. The real world.
And it's me against the 10,000 people each month I am TRYING to coax into trading their money with me.
That's what Microsoft does. Apple and McDonalds.
This isn't about TRICKING anyone or convincing anyone of anything.
That's SELLING and I hate to sell.
This is about marketing into people's DNA and attracting their compliance gene.
It's scientific, proven and FORMULA selling step 1, step 2 and step 3.
Alright, so what is PURCHASE ANXIETY and how have people in the inducement business (hard core salesmen) used this ON you?
Simple. Not hard. Almost obvious once you know how this works.
You will NEVER feel GOOD again when someone TRIES to use this on you. In fact, now that I am letting you inside the game, you probably will be so repulsed you WONT use this onothers either. Why? Because its shoddy selling.

Here's the secret.
YOU were taught as a small fry to show immediate RESPECTto STRANGERS.
You were also taught to be quiet and to LISTEN to someone in authority. Basically, to roll over and play dumb.
And this is what happens TO YOU when you spend a few hoursbuying a car and you REJECT the car salesmen's offer.
What happens NEXT is that the car salesmen brings over a STRANGER and says, "this is the Manager Carl."
Now all of a sudden the manager who is obviously in a high authority position, TRIES to immediately close you and get you to agree and lay down for him. To BUY.
The REASON that works is because people have a HARD TIME saying NO and resisting a STRANGER who is in charge.
True or False? This is why you LAUGH, smile and agree with them.
Why? BECAUSE you were taught as a child to basically
>>> FOLLOW the LEADER <<<>Josh Peak I have TIM on the phone with me."
And your potential sponsor continues, "Tim is F/T in XYZ program and makes $17,000 per month."
DID you notice YOUR reaction?
You became quiet.
You listened to TIM.
You also began to follow Tim.
You also started to comply.
Because you assumed Tim knew more about theProgram than you.
You also assumed TIM is a bigger earner than you.
So you started to comply. To listen.
You even laughed WITH Tim at his lousy jokes.
Because you wanted the GROUP to like you.
Because you wanted the GROUP to include you.
Come hither little Zombie, comply with me you fool.
See what I mean? STUPID little things like TIMbeing added and used on a 3-way M.L.M call TRIGGERSpeople's compliance gene.
It's primal. It's in your genetic code.
Now all of a sudden you are virtually READY to joinor at least take a hard second look at the program simply because TIM the man in authority came in and told youit was safe.
Admit it. This happens ALL the time and it works!
=================Here's WHY it Works=================
It's uncomfortable and also not easy for a STRANGER to come over and try to so called "HELP" you and then you have to TELL them no.
That's why car dealerships use the MANAGER 3-way trick.
That's why in M.L.M people trying to CONVINCE you to follow them will bring you to a LIVE conference call laced with a bunch of ALPHA types (men and women) telling you it's safe.
YOU are BEING worked.
That simple. It's called working the mark.
Does this make the people involved with the 3-way call or the car salesmen a jerk. Not at all.
They're simply trying to survive, do a days work and they know how to create purchase anxiety in people which makes people look for relief, in the form of a decision to agree.
Which is a decision to PURCHASE.
No wonder 3-way calls work.
No wonder car dealerships use a STRANGER dressedas the manager to convince and to close the sale.
No wonder.
We were taught as little kids to lay down and listen to people in uniforms, people in an authority positionand to be good little kiddies and to be quiet.
It's primal conditioning.
We were also taught that it's SAFER and we'd live longerif we did.
It's called follow the leader.
It's hard to resist a stranger who is being nice who is asking you to listen and to follow them.
Why? Because our Mothers taught us to be polite.
However if you think about it, THAT rule needed to change as we became adults.
You aren't a kid anymore and it's okay to say to the Manager or to the GURU on the 3-way call, "pipe downblow hard, if what you have to sell is truly worth buying, I don't need to be convinced to buy it."
That'll rattle a few cages.
Easy stuff. Not hard.
Once you learn it.
Gotta go.
Your friend,
Joe Schroeder
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