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Monday, September 11, 2006

How To Meet Women USING the ALPHA-CODE of Seduction

This is a phenomenal e-mail I received from Joe Schroeder and his program. Joe Schroeder can just plan WRITE…period.
Thank you for joining our MIND-CONTROL
Forum. You have used your e-mail and we
are so glad you have decided to spread the word.
You are about to learn the Zombie Method.
From Joe Schroeder, Author of
“The Alpha Code”
151 Pages, Copyrights 2006
Hey Josh, me again.

If you are Don Juan, good for you.
If you are lady reading this, you probably detest
guys who pretend or try to be cool. When the frauds
try to be hip, it always comes off lame doesn’t it?
SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES using the Alpha State
Here is a paradigm shift for all of you single men out there.
STOP FOCUSING on WHAT you WANT Women to DO to you.
Yeah, I know, a paradox right? Because if you are a guy, single
and have half a brain between your ears, you can’t help but
speak to women be thinking, “your place or mine?”
And guess what, women can smell that kind of crap on you.
It’s called telegraphing your intent and it HURTS sales!
In a Marketing sense, TRYING is selling where
being authentic is marketing. One is graceful, like Google,
while the other tries to hard to get over on people.
Remember how cool ALTA-VISTA search engine TRIED to be
back in the 90’s? That’s why they vanished.
They KEY then, as Casanova taught, was to GO for her feelings.
Ladies, am I right? Yes, I am.
== Fact #1 ==
Guys who can make women laugh get more ladies phone #’s.
Why? Because guys who can make ladies laugh speak
to a woman on a “gut” and on an intellectual level.
Ever notice how guys who CONNECT with the gals
emotionally get all the girls?
How many times have you heard the little darlings say,
“I like a guy who can make me laugh!”
Zero in on connecting with her. From the neck up!
=== Fact #2 ==
Behaviors that stem from how a women FEELS is what you want.
It’s an effect to the cause. The cause being getting her to feel something
which compels a RELATED behavior such as
** She asks you out
** She nuzzles up to you.
** She telegraphs, “I want to be with you more.”
** She makes herself approachable.
Why? Because you induced a behavioral response.
How? By making her feel something.
=== Fact #3 ==
If you want to SELL more of whatever you are trying to
sell STOP trying so hard to SELL and start creating a feeling.
You Moron.
I bet you thought I was turning into some freak sex doctor or something!
Shame on you Josh!
Get your mind OUT of the gutter!
No, I was simply setting the stage for my little MIND Buddy.
You are my little MIND CONTROL buddy right, Josh?
Here’s how it works.
I call this ZOMBIE MARKETING and it’s a lot like
the pecking order of the gentler sex. Watch this.
America on-line began by what? Not by trying to “close” people.
No more than Casanova ran around and telegraphed his intent.
I SELL emotions. I sell people BACK to themselves.
So does Apple Computers. They give people a sense of power.
A.O.L. gave away a FREE orange trial offer disk
in order to bridge a behavioral RESPONSE.
That gave people back then in 1996 and 1997
a higher internet sense of POWER.
What do I do? How do I sell?
Do I try to hard sell and CLOSE anyone?
Do I walk around with your-place-or-mine in my eyes.
No, I don’t.
Instead, I coax people into trying the Alpha Code book for free.
I put a FREE chapter in their laps.
I give away free 1-800 calls.
I offer everyone free coaching calls.
I CREATE feelings into my future buyers.
That’s what Oprah, Madonna and Bruce do.
They actually connect with people.
Why? It’s because its easier to get people to take a
third step if they first took a few steps already.
That’s because the MIND creates anxiety for itself if
it can’t locate a corresponding ACTION or step it already took.
In psychology, that’s called commitment and consistency.
The BEHAVIOR that the MIND is always looking for is
a correlating step to reflect an action it ALREADY took

This is why people take the SECOND step and buy a warranty
after their first of buying a washer or refrigerator.
The first step begs a second behavioral reflection.
This is why after people JOIN an internet program they
usually go out and buy MORE leads or why they
BUY whatever the GURU is selling.
Why? Because the mind is always looking for a second
correlating action to validate an action it already took.
Step 1, get the agreement.
Casanova knew this so his first step was to get a lady
to agree with him. All comedians get people to agree with
them on each and every chuckle.
And that’s what great comedy is. An agreement.
I tell a joke and we BOTH agree it’s worthy of a bellyache.
Same with marketing. It’s an agreement.
Most people run around with their heads cut off
That’s way too fast. Be a Casanova. Romance your prospects.
Step 2, get the emotions. Connect to people’s feelings.
Love them enough to BACK off and work to
gather their emotions.
Send them a free eBook. Create reciprocity.
Send them a love note in the mail. Yeah, I’m serious.
WORK towards their emotions, not their jugular.
Send your prospects some VALUE and then let them
come back and say, “got any more?”
Only $197. (six) hours of Joe Schroeder audio CDs.

I’ve enrolled and sponsored hundreds and hundreds of
people. Not because I was slick and coming on to folks.

But because I have emotional intelligence and because
I was marketing towards a FEELING, not a dollar.
Deep stuff.
It also works.
ZOMBIE Marketing is about inducing compliance
in other people. Instantly if not at least quickly.
How that is achieved is through a series of
agreements. Think about it. IF you can get a prospect to
AGREE with you, on say three or four TINY agreements,
then doesn’t logic bequeath that their MINDS will
eventually decide to agree with your entire selling proposition?
I NEVER out right CLOSE people.
You know how I feel.
Selling sucks.
That’s a struggle and takes too much sweat equity and gruel.
Who wants to try and make money and rub their hands
together and PRAY that someone buys.
Too hard. Yuk!
In ZOMBIE marketing people close themselves just
like Casanova never MADE anyone go to bed with him.
It’s a conditioning (of your prospect) which leads people to the inevitable.
YES, I agree, I want to JOIN your newsletter.
YES, I agree, I want to retrieve your PDF sample chapter.
YES, I agree, I want to hop onto one of your free coaching calls.
YES, I agree, I want to 30 day trial offer your $14.95 CD set.
Ladies and Gentlemen, what I have just decoded for you is
precisely how I have sold over 100,000 of my little audio buddies.
And built $1,000,000 dollar downlines over and over again.
How? Because..
I never telegraphed my intent.
I never TIME date and “you better GET IT today, by noon today!”
I never HARD closed anyone.
I never needed to. Because like Casanova, I work on a higher level.
A level of reciprocity. What you give away you always get to keep.
Funny thing about giving it all away free.
If you give a person something for free, say a free TEST of a newspaper,
oh I don’t know, maybe a free eBook or maybe a free TEST drive
of a snappy new car, a lot of times, they end of buying it because
they don’t want to give it back.
That’s because, as I said, the MIND actually creates self-anxiety
if the MIND can’t find a similar action to validate something it
already did.
To order my little $14.95 two CD sampler, go here:
If it stinks, you get $20 back. That’s right.
My guarantee for Chaos to Cash is simple.
It has to be the BEST marketing training you
have ever had, or send it back for a $20 refund.
Best of all, it’s only a lousy little $14.95.
Stay tuned Josh, because tomorrow I am going to
discuss with you the POWER and natural order behind the
psychology of around the reflection of SIZE.
Tomorrow you will learn the TRICK and psychological
mind clamp politicians and con-men use.
NOT because I am trying to teach you or anyone else
on how to be a slime bucket and scam and rip people off.
JUST the opposite.
Stop Letting People Trick You
By teaching you the con games of the little twits who
attempt these mind-schemes on you, I want you to
be able to see from a mile away, other people
who are trying to make a fool out of you.
And they are. Every time THEY use the
ZOMBIE principal of SIZE on you.
And my NEXT letter to you will be a doozy, so stay tuned.
The thing about picking up babes is easy.
Stop walking around like a perverted twisted little mess
and thinking about what YOU want from them.
Instead, make it all about what THEY WANT.
(not what you want)
Not what you want and that’s the paradigm shift.
It’s a paradigm shift from YOU to them.
Get over yourself and into other people. That simple.
It’s a paradigm shift from CLOSING people to
opening them up to receive.
From closing to OPENING.
See the reversal?
It’s NOT about GETTING from people.
It’s about GIVING to people.
Not closing. But opening.
YOU enter through their hearts. Not their wallets.
Which worked like-o-charm for HBO cable.
==Cable HBO TV==
They gave 34,000,000 people a FREE weekend sample
and 19,000,000 cried like little fourth grade
little girls and said, “I DON’T want to give it back.”
People DON’T want to part with things they
have been given of which you plopped right in
their laps.
So give it away, tells a few jokes and soon some
Butler guy named Jeeves will appear in a Black TUX
and say to you,
Josh, will you be driving the RED one today, or
should I pull up the tan Rolls instead?
And you’ll reply, “nah, today I’d scooting
off to the islands in my 230 Cessna Jet!”
As it should be!
GREAT wealth is possible. Big WEALTH!
But it hops ahead of selfish types.
Money is something you woo.
You romance it into your life.
You never CREATE money, only God does.
So instead, you invite money into your life.
You set yourself UP to receive.
Here’s the SECRET to WEALTH. The hidden order.
The trick is to [first] put some in OTHER people’s
It’s called leading with value.
It’s called leading with emotions.
It’s about connecting people’s GUT to whatever you sell.
That’s how you get people to surrender to what you sell.
People surrender to whatever you sell IF and ONLY
if BUYING the darn thing is their idea.
I call this ZOMBIE Marketing through the use
of the Alpha Code.
You’ll call it a breakthrough and some will even go
as far as calling this Genius.
I wrote the ALPHA CODE in 2006
All 151 Pgs.
Me? I’ll dial my banker and say, “Buy me another house!”
I call this my next Million-dollar baby.
You will too and probably already have.
How marvelous of you. Fabulous I say, just fabulous!
Oh well, all for now. Until next time!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Oh, and I’ll SEE you tomorrow. (naturally!)
I’ll DECODE the principal of SIZE for you.
Tootles and Cheerio!
As always, on your side.
The Joe of Schroeder
Courtesy of Josh Peak
Josh Peak


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