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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Insidious Lies Told on The Internet by Joe Schroeder

This is one of the classical Joe Schroeder e-mails. You know this should hit at the heart of Network Marketing or the MLM industry. It’s amazing what uplines, so-called “GURU’s”, and other mis-educated people are telling their downlines. Read below what Josh Peak and Joe Schroeder are teaching their students:
** Insidious LIES people on the Internet Tell **
Learn the LAZY way to earn an extra $50,000annually becoming a Marketing Genius.
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Delivery Day #6
Copyrights 2006 Schroeder Publishingand the Labor Plant, LLC.
Written by Joe SchroederAuthor of “Chaos to Cash” and “Speed Enrollers”and founder of starlink at MyWavePage
You know what is MORE damaging than an out right lie?
************ Some who tell you only a half-truth ******
People waste $5,000 to $50,000 in our business throwingdarts up against the wall. They fall all over themselvesand their families savings, in vein, following a SYSTEMthat someone lied to them about and was only a
Case in point. You join an opportunity. It’s not MLM and itdoesn’t pay you residually.
Maybe it’s $500 or $1,500 to join and you get to earn HUGEretail money. Maybe it’s a 1-Up or a 2-Up.
Sell the darn thing for $597 and earn $500.
Or, sell another deal for $1,500 and earn $1,000.
Wow. BIG money. Your sponsor is earning $18,000 per month.
And your “team” (funny how we assume the team is our new family!)
And the NEW TEAM around you bashes Network Marketing.
All of a sudden what was ONCE your bastion of hope now sucks.
They REMIND you of your past failure in MLM and that theNEW WAY to WEALTH is by selling large ticket premium programsin the neighborhood of $500 to $2,000.
Essentially that is now what the WOLVES are now teaching.
That MLM all of sudden sucks.
You are now brainwashed (again) into a half-truth.
They tell you that MLM is (dead), doesn’t work and that theNEW MONEY is one time NO downline sales of 1-Up and 2-Up programs.
The HALF-TRUTH is correct. The new money is increating large dollops of cash up-front.
That half-truth is correct.
YOUR days are numbered if you don’t start to teach yournew batch of starry eyed Lambs to G.ET PAID ALREADY.
Yes, the new money IS in the FUNDED PRPOSAL.
Retail to recruit.
Get paid now and downline the little Darlings later on.
PAY YOURSELF NOW so you can be HERE in 24 months.
True. But only half or 50% at best.
=======================================HERE is THE TRUTH and all 100% of the TRUTH=======================================
Please don’t shoot me, I am only the messenger.
NOT the message.
The TRUTH is and possibly MORE truth than you want right now.
Like that matters to me. Go ahead, opt out.
Like I care. I was put here to TELL IT LIKE IT IS.
Not to make FRIENDS.
I am in business. Not the CULT (or church) of Internet Riches.
LEADERS will tell you what you need to hear.
The WOLVES tell their little Lambs what they WANT to hear.
Not this Indian. Not me. Not Joe Schroeder.
============== TRUTH SERUM =================
Until Oprah Winfrey, TRUMP, banks and all major corporationsstop trying to lace and thread their RETAIL customers on somesort of monthly debit auto-ship.
UNTIL Citi-Bank, Verizon and Trump stop using the monthlyAuto-ship business model UNTIL then anyone who tells youMONTHLY auto-ship pay per month MLM is stupid is a M-O-R-O-N!
Listen up Wisenheimer.
JOE SCHROEDER never needed to be rich.
Joe Schroeder doesn’t need to be RIGHT.
I only wanted to be F/T and turn in my employee noose.THAT security BADGE they make you wear AROUND your neck.
What BUSINESS model do you trust MORE?
** Citi-Corp** Verizon** Oprah, Martha and Donald** Sams Club** PRUDENTIAL Insurance** PHIZER drugs** HBO and TNN
or some lame bo-peep MLM company struggling to do$500,000 per month in gross sales.
I am sane. Are you?
I choose to NOTICE how all (not some, but all) largeREAL-WORLD conglomerates use the biz-model ofmonthly debit auto-ship.
MLM (Network Marketing) is Gods gift to the little guy.
MLM allows you to legally earn $2 to $8 bucks per monthon the purchases of 10,000 STRANGERS.
MLM is a paid subscription program, like CITI-BANK.
LIKE DONNY TRUMP who auto-debits his tenants.
LIKE VERIZON phone and all banks.
========================================== The Rich get RICHER Because they BILL you monthly! ========================================= And your UPLINE GURU bashes MLM.
Hark unto me.
I have never seen anything so ludicrous in my life.
Half truth. MLM sucks. Get rich selling a FUNDED PROPOSAL.
100% of the TRUTH.
USE a retail FUNDED PRPOSAL as a way to
The REAL TRUTH looks like this:
** COLLECT new paid retail customers.
** Collect a new base of customers to EARN from monthly.
** USE to create for yourself a LIST you can MLM with monthly.
If your sales funnel NO matter how much CRAZY CASH itfeeds you each month, if your SALES funnel doesn’t ultimatelynudge people onto a PER MONTH paid subscription youwill be OUT of business in under 24 months
Your insurance company bills you on auto-ship monthly.
ALL Network Marketing companies auto-ship and debit your LIST monthly.
PERFECT, that’s marvelous. That’s how to get FILTHY RICH.
Imagine earning $3 to $5 to $10 PER MONTH from 10,000 people.
Verizon and Banks do. Sams Club does. I do.
The RICH get RICHER (quick, point a finger at me!) because the RICHkeep finding NEW people and new ways to CHARGE you MONTHLY.
You buy a car and the finance company like CHRYSLER for instancebills you monthly and charges—-surprise!—interest.
Your car, your insurance, your home and your kids schools.
ALL MLM auto-ship programs.
ALL have different LEVELS of management.
The WORLD is on auto-ship.
Even your lousy SAMS CLUB and COSTCO wholesale membershipis a gosh darn ANNUAL DEBIT fee auto-ship.
Even BLOCKBUSTER and Net-Flix DVD is an auto-ship program.
Even OMAHA STEAKS tries to grab your ass into an auto-ship.
OMAHA steaks tries to get you to go on auto-ship so they canAuto-debit your VISA card EVERY MONTH and send you more steaks.
And then there’s some dirty old man on-line shouting, “MLM Sucks!”
Geez Louise.
I swear I am exhausted.
I need a Gin-n-Tonic.
Make mine a double.
Some of these people are absolutely nuts.
Gotta go and if you have been here for TWO weeks and notPonied up to my $14.95 two CD set shame on you.
All fear. You might get screwed right?
That’s no way to live.
Shame on you. ORDER already. I earned it.
Chaos to Cash is $14.95 (2) CD set.Buy now at
=====================Go Ahead, Splurge A Little!=====================
Or, shoot your RENT MONEY and get my $197 BIG COURSE.That’s my SIX (6) pack and audio CD album.That’s called “Speed Enrollers.” It’s $197 and affiliates earn $100 per sale.
Suck it up. Go for the whole nine yards! The whole $197. HERE (but DON’T tell your wife.)
What’s $197 to you anyway but a mere bag-o-shells.
Meanwhile, I thinks me will go get drunk.
I’m gonna go cry over some cocktails about the Millions ofpeople getting hosed, reamed and slaughtered with the HALF TRUTHSbeing sold to them like so much pabulum.
It sickens me.
Come watch me hurl.
People don’t sicken me. But what happens to themwhen they are sold out and sold DOWN the river does.
GREAT. Another STRAIGHT-LINE downline shell game.
The owners of the SITE earn $34 per 2,000 people on the site feeand the little guy is shot down the river ONCE AGAIN!
==============SITE FEE GLORY==============
The SHARK makes 34 X’s 2,000 = $68,000 THOUSAND per month.
MLM Gimmicks. Can someone please shoot me already.
Can someone SHOW me JUST ONE GUY earning $10,000now RESIDUALLY because he joined some STRAIGHT LINEgimmick three years ago?
I didn’t think so.
I can’t take this anymore.
I don’t know. Maybe I should go place an application at Dominos’ pizza.
Me. Joe Schroeder. Exhausted.
SHARE this WISDOM with anyone you think has the mindand ears to hear some MARKETING GENIUS.
If anyone needs me, DON’T call.
I’ll be at Al’s Bar and Grill dousing my soul with some Gin.
Over and out.
Joe The Schroeder, your BROTHER IN FREEDOM!
SON of a capitalist and one GOOD NEWS MERCHANT! 24 Hr. Joe Schroeder RECORDED Coaching line3 Minutes1-800-772-9781 Ext: 37
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Copyrights Joe Schroeder and the Labor Plant 2006.
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