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Monday, September 11, 2006

Instant Duplication and Instant Leverage

Today it’s on my mind how 99% of all Network Marketers and people in MLM are just completely duped, lied to, in regards in how to build a huge downline. Joe Schroeder understands how to retail first, then build a huge list inside your autoresponder, then put two to five residual income streams inside the sales funnel or through your list. I then at the bottom put one or two high-ticket items that can generate 20 grand plus per month. One thing I have learned from Joe Schroeder the founder of Zombie Marketing and The Quicklink System, is that 3 things will never go out of style, they are Training, Leads, and Coaching. It’s not about having one MLM cash flow stream, it’s about being able to make money five, six, or seven times on the list of people…even if the DO NOT come into your MLM. People in MLM and Network Marketing who shift from $10,000 a month to $50,000 per month do it by adding another stream of income inside their list, not just all of a sudden learning how to recruit. It’s about increasing your customer count, increase the money being taken in, and increasing the time you bill people over and over…Joe Schroeder and Josh Peak teaches this baby. You can learn this and some more about building a list, that people inside the list will join multiple things your in that is residual over and over and over, go to: where you can buy Speed Enrollers. If you want to learn the Hidden Secrets of how to build a list and how to use it, go to: where you can buy the NEW ALPHA CODE. Do you really, really, really ant to know how Josh Peak, Joe Schroeder, Dr. Jeffrey Magee Oprah, Trump, and others use the Sales Funnel? Here it is:

Be looking for another good lesson in the next day or so from the Alpha Male of Joe Schroeder and the Quicklink System, that is I, Josh Peak. Also, learn about Zombie Marketing at

Josh Peak


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