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Monday, September 11, 2006

It’s the Brand…Stupid

It’s funny how people in Network Marketing and MLM don’t understand the value in being optimized, or being branded. Most people in MLM and Network Marketing are baffled how Joe Schroeder, Josh Peak, and Diane Hochman make thousands on people who have actually said “NO” to us. See one thing Joe Schroeder has taught me, is that you market to what 100% of the market, hence, selling tools, training, and coaching vs. selling juices, potions, lotions, and garbage that MLM Executives claim is true residual income. All I can say is, learn the art of branding yourself, and not some other person or company. Look at:
Alpha Code:
Speed Enrollers:
Chaos To Cash:
That’s all for the Alpha Male of the Joe Schroeder Starlink Program and Zombie Marketing.
Josh Peak


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