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Monday, September 11, 2006

Joe Schroeder and Alpha Code

Ok, here is an e-mail I received from Joe Schroeder, it’s very important to you and I in regards to future wealth…you read it for yourself.
For all you $97 Alpha Codesecond guessing, looky loo Joe Schroeder wannabes…
I am SKY HIGH jacking the price of the Alpha Codeto $500 on Monday at midnight(payout is $300 on 2 levels)
To save $400 you now have 53 hours tosecond guess yourself into my Alpha Code Program.
Current owners of the Alpha Code will beAUTOMATICALLY grandfathered in which will includea PAY-JACK (sky high) commission explosionfrom $60 to $300(2 levels)
Who wants to play?
Order on this link:
Save yourself now.I want this product in one million handsand the distribution will be more intenseif the price jacks to $500.
Level 1 $100 commissionLevel 2 $200 commission
YES…complete strangers will be sending you $200 a clip.
So you have 53 hours to second guess yourself some more.
It all changes at midnight Monday. yours,
I’ll see you at the bank,
Josh PeakAKA “The Alpha Male of Joe Schroeder and Zombie Marketing”
Recovering 3%er
Friend to the World
Model to Other Beat Up Bikers and White Trash ConvictsWho Salute The Economy Through M.O.B Money (Millions of Bucks)Order here:


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