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Monday, September 11, 2006

Joe Schroeder Does It Again

The Joe Schroeder call on Monday night August 14th was just an eye opener to many in the MLM industry. I know he has now touched the nerve of many networkers who have been told that they could build their networking company online, or solely online. You know what, I had to agree with most everything he said.
He talked strongly about the percentages, and only your top 3% of people can actually build a home bases business strictly from the internet. Sally homemaker is not versed in Google AdWords, she isn’t versed in writing great ad copy, and she isn’t versed on how to talk with these people once she gets a lead for her MLM Home Based Business. See, there has to be something that can totally duplicate in the network marketing or MLM home based business arena like learning how to build a list, and the having multiple residual income streams within Sally’s sales funnel. It would have to include a system in which she would have access to a leads program: It would also have to have a system in which to use direct response to attract these leads to a list building system like Chaos To Cash or to Speed Enrollers and to give that person resell rights to these courses. These courses attract MLM and Network Marketers, which in turn put people into your database of list. You probably ask, who do you use as your autoresponder to keep this list your talking about ALPHA MALE JOSH PEAK, and I would give you this link: The next thing would to have a lead program: so your people who just bought the Joe Schroeder courses Chaos to Cash: Speed Enrollers: and the Alpha Code: would have their first residual income in their sales funnel. Now, this all started by buying leads, using the three step system that Joe Schroeder has, which they then opt-in to your capture page(s), which triggers the autoresponder letters, then sales them on the courses. This is how the sales funnel works, go read an interesting article
Let’s just say we have turned the MLM and Network Marketing World upside down, the people selling internet based businesses today, will be selling swamp land in Florida tomorrow. We use the internet as a bridge, but not the primary way. This is still a relationship building business, and we are exposing the truth.
Think about some of this profound thinking. Joe Schroeder has allowed me to sing, and what we are developing here is a true dynasty. Also remember, brand yourself, not some company. I will talk more about that in my next entry. Also, if your a reader, and love to upgrade your mind about branding like Josh Peak, Joe Schroeder, Donald Trump, Oprah, and other SuperStars, then read Brand Warfare by David F. D’Alessandro.
This is all for the Alpha Male of Zombie Marketing and the QuickLink System–Success, Josh Peak


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