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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Sales Funnel

I was taught the Sales Funnel back in 2001 by Dr. Jeffrey Magee and really didn’t take understanding of it until about 2 months ago when I was introduced to Joe Schroeder who is the king of Zombie Marketing. The Sales Funnel is what you will hear me talk much about, especially because the so called gurus just don’t teach this to their downline is MLM or Network Marketing. The Sales Funnel goes like this, you do an ezine ad, magazine ad, newspaper ad, Google AdWords, or whatever it is to run traffic to a site like The lead will come into the database or autoresponder letters will then be sent out to market in this order:
Chaos to Cash:
Speed Enrollers:
Alpha Code:
List Dragon:
That is my retail money, the above courses. I will the start marketing my middle level residual income businesses, and examples are below:
Robert Blackman’s Lead Program:
Marketing Makeover Generator:
Next will be the big dough, the 1 up and 2 up programs:
PAS: Conferences (My Favorite) http://www.liferiches.netMy friends, this is how the big bucks are made; it’s called multiple residual income streams. I want to Thanks Joe Schroeder and Jeff Magee for showing me this model.That’s all for now from the ALPHA MALE of Zombie Marketing and Joe Schroeder.
Success,Josh Peak


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