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Monday, September 11, 2006

Speed Enrollers

I’m writing today about The Quick Link Program, and what it means to be involved in something that actually attracts seasoned network marketers to your business. This system will literally turn whatever MLM program you’re marketing into an Income Jack Hammer. This is all about branding you, and it’s all about becoming the King or Queen of the “LIST”, or in other words having a database of hungry people looking to join your business. Here is the link to Speed Enrollers
If you really want to get deep into what I am saying, go read this masterful piece of work by Joe Schroeder
It has been an honor to picked by Joe Schroeder as the Alpha Male of this system, and remember it’s all about branding the name, whether it’s Josh Peak, Donald Trump, Oprah, or Joe Schroeder. Instead of chasing people, I personally teach people how to be a magnet for to other networkers. My whole vision is to have branded in such a way, that all networkers have to come here. If they don’t they will be doing three things: 1) Calling expensive leads or worse genealogy lists of people whose phone numbers are old. 2) Doing expensive advertising, which the returns you get don’t come close to break even point for what you spent, and the last 3) Doing as I was taught, and that is calling friends, family, and warm markets of people who have no business being in business with you. Your target market in network marketing is network marketers, and best yet having an endless supply of them knocking on your door…go to and find out how to Learn the ZOMBIE genetic code responsible for getting people to roll over and join almost anything and how you can tap in people’s compliance GENE almost at will. Zombie Marketing and The Quick Link System is just something that your upline probably doesn’t want you to know about, as it will show you that the upline more than likely has NO clue as to what they are doing.
P.S. Have you ever read the CashFlow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki? One of the best books I have ever read, and I recommend it. I will clue you in on something very important. If you don’t have a list or database of people in MLM or Network Marketing, then you are not a business owner, you are simply still Self Employed being just an independent of a network marketing company, and here is a link that will help you understand that:
P.S.S. For a free e-course, go to
This is all now for the Alpha Male Josh Peak


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